Birmingham Alabama Kids MMA

Kids MMA covers all bases: kickboxing, wrestling and jujitsu. They learn the techniques and our classes are about kids having fun and getting shape.

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We offer a program for everyone no matter what level of experience you have or what goals you expect to achieve. Call us TODAY at (205) 824-8361 to set up an appointment to come in to check out our gym and meet our coaches. Then we will set up a schedule for you and start your training. You have nothing to lose the consultation is free and we have a free 30 day trial!! No more excuses call us today!! Give us 60 minutes and we’ll give you the best workout of your life. For free!



Childhood obesity is a serious issue today and a concern for many parents. The Spartan Youth program is a great way to get kids in shape doing something fun. We utilize the vehicle of MMA training to get in great shape. We believe in play as the way in the Spartan Youth program. While your child is practicing and playing they will be building strength, balance, flexibility, and endurance. Many of our techniques, drills and exercises are hidden in games so it is more fun for your child to workout and exercise. They will actually look forward to it!!



The Spartan Fitness Youth Program is far more than an extra curricular activity. It empowers children with powerful techniques and strategies for life-long success! We will teach them how to intelligently cope with bullying and peer pressure-positive social values such as: Respect, Honesty, Humility and Dignity. Training in our Spartan Youth program will teach them to respect themselves as well as others. Your child will be able to carry themselves with confidence and without fear which effects the way they will deal with life.



Our Youth Program integrates sport and self-defense techniques with conditioning and “skill drills” that are specifically designed to enhance your child’s coordination, motor skills, agility and flexibility. This program also has an age specific detailed curriculum that will train eight major skills that are necessary for personal development: focus, concentration, teamwork, coordination, control, fitness, balance and discipline.